[Storage] RAIDCore 5252-08 Driver

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2016. 4. 14. 20:15 IT/서버세팅

1. RAIDCore 5252-08 Document

2. summary

 - Support SAS / SATA

 - It recognizes 3TB. - It supports RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, 50, 1n, 10m

• Highlights 

o RAID 0,1,5,10,50
o Seamless controller spanning
o N-way mirroring and distributed sparing
o Online array creation and deletion
o Multiple array types per drive
o Bootable array support
o Hot swap and drive roaming
o Create arrays larger than 2 terabytes.
o Programmable staggered drive spin-up
o O/S and BIOS level management options
• Basic RAID (RC5x10-08)
o RAID 0,1, 10, JBOD
 • Advanced RAID (RC5152-08, RC5252-04/08)
o RAID 0,1,1n,5,10,10n, 50, JBOD
o N-way mirroring (RAID 1n, 10n) – Create multiple mirrors of the same hard drive or striped drives
o Online capacity expansion - Add/expand capacity without interruption to I/O single or multiple cards
o Online RAID-level migration - Change RAID levels without interrupting user I/O
o Support for mixed capacity drives – Use 100% of all available capacity
o Support for hidden arrays
 • Controller spanning
o Up to four RC5000/4000 cards or motherboard controllers per server appear in the management GUI as a single unified interface for large array support of up to 32 drives
 • Mirror Splitting
o Split a RAID mirror
o Using n-way mirroring, utilize an additional mirror drive for full drive snapshot
 • Three levels of hot sparing
o Dedicated
o Global
o Distributed. 

3. Link to download


Driver's document

4. RAID card drivers support

RC5000 series RC5252-08 RC5252-04 RC5152-08 RC5210-08 and RC5110-08

BC4000 series BC4452-04 BC4852-08 BC4410-04 and BC4810-08

5. RAID management program execution screen